Magazine Article | April 2, 2012

The Many Flavors Of Clinical Mobility

Source: Health IT Outcomes

Compiled by Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT Outcomes

In healthcare, much like in the consumer world, people have become obsessed with the iPad. In fact, new data by Float Mobile Learning shows that doctors are 250% more likely to own an iPad or similar tablet device than the average consumer. In addition, more and more of these physicians are asking to use their own personal tablets on the job.

There’s no doubt that the iPad business is booming in healthcare. However, as popular as the device is, it’s also clear that the iPad isn’t “the answer” to mobile computing in a clinical environment. In fact, a recent poll by Spyglass Consulting Group shows that 70% of physicians who own iPads still use desktop computers for accessing corporate assets and interacting with electronic patient data. The data entry limitations and a lack of clinical apps are cited as the primary shortcomings of the iPad from a clinical perspective. Hospital and group practice IT personnel also have device management and security concerns about the iPad.