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05.24.12 -- Take Charge Of HIE; A Beacon For Accountable Care; Clinical Trials To Boost Practice Revenue?

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Take Charge Of Your HIE
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online Many healthcare providers question whether or not HIE (health information exchange) offers any business value to their organizations. This article outlines several ways HIE can help your business grow when implemented correctly.
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Add Value To Healthcare Mobility Integration
When it comes to integrating mobile devices into your healthcare processes, whether in the lab or at the point of care, don’t overlook the value of a VAR (value-added reseller) when defining the right strategy for your facility. Read more.

Could Clinical Trials Help You Increase Your Practice Revenue
The patient care gains resulting from trial participation has led to patient population growth throughout the community, and has advanced this provider’s ability to offer all patients refined clinical care options based on new information from drug, device, and procedural studies. Read more.

Collaborative Care Solutions — A Guiding Light For Accountable Care
The identification, surgical intervention, management and lifetime clinical maintenance of transplant recipients are a case study of the needs around chronic disease management and collaborative care. Read more.

Mobile Computing Discovers Value In The Hospital Lab
Even if you are not running R&D in your lab, this case study illustrates the benefits that a tablet-based mobile computing solution can provide in terms of creating efficiencies, reducing costs, and streamlining processes. Read more.

Featured Products
MedEx®: Advanced Forms Automation For Healthcare
MedEx is critical in streamlining the registration process by allowing on-demand access to registration forms. Through HL7 Interfaces to virtually any hospital information system, MedEx provides the most up-to-date patient information for registration, boosting the patient experience. Read more.
UltraLite 200
The UltraLite 200 Series is the lightest weight, most durable, affordable mobile medical cart solution for true bedside care giving. Read more.
HC 100™ Patient I.D. Solution
Developed specifically to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, Zebra's reliable HC100 Patient I.D. Solution makes wristband printing easier and more cost-effective than laser solutions. Read more.
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