News | March 10, 2016

Survey Results: Clinton Best For Healthcare Industry, ObamaCare Should Remain – With Changes

DataMotion Health Takes Political Pulse of HIMSS16; Health IT Pros, Clinicians, Executives and Vendors Weigh In on Presidential Candidates, Efficiency and Future of Affordable Care Act

DataMotion Health, a provider of secure health information delivery services and solutions, today released results of a survey it conducted during the 2016 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS16), which took place last week in Las Vegas. The industry’s largest health information technology (IT) educational program and exhibition, HIMSS16 attracted more than 41,000 health IT pros, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world.

In the brief three question survey, 200+ attendees were asked about U.S. presidential candidate choices, aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) and how these fit into the overall direction of the healthcare industry. When asked who would be the best choice for the industry, Hillary Clinton emerged as the clear leader amongst both Democratic and Republican candidates with 37% of the vote, more than double that of second place finisher, Bernie Sanders (17%). When asked if ObamaCare increased organizational efficiency in healthcare, 54% answered no and 46% responded yes. Still, an overwhelming 71% felt the next administration should keep ObamaCare but some changes do need to be made.

The survey questions and results are as follows:

  • Which presidential candidate do you think would be the best choice for the healthcare industry?
    •     Clinton 37%
    •     Sanders 17%
    •     Carson 14%
    •     Trump 13%
    •     Rubio 7%
    •     Kasich 6%
    •     Cruz 6%
  • Do you feel the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) increased organizational efficiency in healthcare?
    •     No 54%
    •     Yes 46%
  • What should the next Administration do with the Affordable Care Act?
    •     Keep it but some changes do need to be made. 71%
    •     Repeal it. 20%
    •     Keep it as is. 9%

“Healthcare is always a hot political topic, and with legislation such as ObamaCare, it’s become even more so during this campaign,” said the CTO and Co-founder of DataMotion Health, Bob Janaceck. “Our goal with this survey was to provide insight from ‘those in the trenches;’ the pros with firsthand knowledge of the operational and cost aspects of healthcare, impact of policy and technical advancements, and familiarity with efforts to ensure the U.S. health system produces the best patient outcomes possible.”

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