Newsletter | January 16, 2020

01.16.20 -- Surfing The 2020 Healthcare Disruption Wave

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How To Identify Patient Retention And Leakage ‘Forks In The Road’ And Choose The Right Path
  Guest Column | By Angie Franks, Central Logic

It doesn’t matter whether you’re operating under fee-for-service or value-based care contracts (or both). In every case, there are financial repercussions from patients going somewhere else for care.

4 Indicators Of Hospital Inefficiencies Derived From IT Service Desk Analytics Metrics
  Guest Column | By Joncé Smith, Stoltenberg Consulting

When a service desk’s analytical data is correctly interpreted in combination with operational statuses, hospital management can pinpoint where inefficiencies hide. When health IT leaders look at service desk interrelated measurements in unison, they can truly understand where success and opportunity lie to improve EHR system utilization and the user experience.

Surfing The 2020 Healthcare Disruption Wave
  Guest Column | By Thanh Tran, Zoeticx, and David Conejo, Rehoboth McKinley Christian Health Care Services

Most healthcare institutes have deployed an EHR system, almost completing the evolution from paper to electronic medical records. However, we are now realizing that this was much more of a disruptive process in healthcare than anyone realized, as its impact has gone way beyond how patient medical data is recorded.

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