News | June 18, 2024 Proves Instrumental In Reducing Work-Related Stress For Healthcare Providers

Westborough, MA (BUSINESS WIRE) -, an EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology, announced that Wilson Nice, a medical speech pathologist, successfully implemented the AI-powered medical scribe. By reducing administrative burdens, work-related stress, and improving work-life balance, this solution is critical in addressing the issue of provider burnout. is benefitting the providers by saving considerable time, enhancing the documentation process, and capturing intricate information that would otherwise be missed.

New Mexico-based speech pathology clinic, Nice Speech Lady, offers comprehensive physical and telehealth speech pathology services. The practice is owned and operated by a seasoned medical speech pathologist, Wilson Nice, who has worked extensively with diverse age groups facing voice, swallowing, and cognitive impairments. After thoroughly evaluating various AI-powered medical scribes, the practice identified as the perfect fit to streamline its clinical documentation. Since the practice plans to expand the team and services, is essential in helping the providers capture detailed patient information, streamline documentation, and offer cost-effective and customizable features unique to the practice’s requirements.

“In our quest to find a solution that best fits our practice needs, stood out amongst all other AI-powered medical scribe solutions available,” said Wilson Nice, owner of Nice Speech Lady. "Choosing an AI-powered medical scribe was a significant time investment that required scrutinizing various companies, unique features, and different pricing structures. With, we feel valued as a unique practice and find the cost considerations to be startup-friendly with an affordable trial period. Upon implementing, we were amazed by the immediate benefits, quick onboarding process, and how it eradicated the need for extensive training. The cushion of time between patients allows for efficient data processing, saving us considerable time on documentation. We currently utilize the athenahealth EMR, and part of the appeal of is that it’s EHR-agnostic.”

She added, “What sets apart is its ease of use and the ability to learn and adapt to specific needs and trends, which adds immense value to the information collected. My patient visits are long and extensive, and therefore, documentation per visit is time-consuming. I cannot overstate the importance of in improving my work-life balance. It captures the essence of sessions and the crucial details that would otherwise be missed. It significantly reduces my documentation time. This tool has been instrumental in helping me reclaim my weekends and significantly reduce work-related stress. I highly recommend to my peers and contacts - it's been a game-changer for Nice Speech Lady."

The AI-powered medical scribe offers healthcare professionals an efficient tool for reviewing, editing, and importing necessary content, significantly speeding up the documentation process while enhancing patient engagement and clinical efficiency. is the first AI-powered medical scribe to generate multimodal notes, capturing and interpreting various data types for contextualized clinical documentation. The AI-powered medical scribe is trusted by over 30,000 providers nationwide.

“ is at the forefront of transforming healthcare with providers saving 8-10 hours weekly on clinical documentation,” stated Rakhee Langer, vice president of "'s ability to transcribe real-time conversations between medical providers and their patients into clinical documentation is revolutionizing office consultations into intuitive, immersive experiences. We are thrilled to be a leading player in this new wave in the healthcare industry."

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About Nice Speech Lady LLC
Wilson Nice, a seasoned medical speech pathologist, owns and operates Nice Speech Lady LLC, a hybrid-model outpatient SLP clinic in Socorro, NM. Boasting an impressive career in various clinical settings, she has worked extensively with diverse age groups facing voice, swallowing, and cognitive impairments. The practice started in 2022, offering both physical and tele-practice services. Since January 2023, the company has also provided part-time tele-practice from the owner's home, catering to areas with limited access to speech pathology services. With plans to expand the team and services, Nice Speech Lady LLC continues to grow, potentially opening new locations and expanding virtual services to other states. For more information, visit

About is a revolutionary, EHR-agnostic, AI-powered ambient listening technology. is designed to seamlessly translate natural language conversations between healthcare providers and patients into clinical documentation, offering a unique and immersive experience. makes clinical documentation faster and more efficient than ever before. For more information, visit

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