Guest Column | October 23, 2014

3 Solutions For Making Meaningful Use A Reality

Christina Caraballo, Senior Healthcare Strategist, Get Real Health

By Christina Caraballo, Senior Healthcare Strategist, Get Real Health

The federal government’s Meaningful Use (MU) initiative is changing the way the healthcare industry operates. From hospitals and healthcare providers, to patients and health IT vendors, everyone is trying to navigate the brave new world of MU, EHR interoperability and what it means for the future of our healthcare delivery system.

Many in the healthcare industry have been resistant to the changes MU is instigating. It’s no wonder. MU requires healthcare providers to engage with their patients on an unprecedented level. Historically, patients had little, if any, involvement in the healthcare delivery system. MU is changing that—creating a world where patients will be fully engaged, with easy access to their health records and the freedom to transmit those health records how they see fit. In short, we’re looking at a cultural shift within the industry.

This is a good thing. The goal of MU is to improve the quality of care by improving communications between the patient and the provider, and among the providers themselves while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs. That’s a win-win for everyone. But that doesn’t mean MU is not without its challenges or that there aren’t solutions to these challenges that will help achieve the MU vision.

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