Newsletter | March 28, 2019

03.28.19 -- Software And Hardware End-Of-Life Risks For Healthcare

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Measuring The Impact Of Real-Time Communications
Article | By Kathy English, Vocera Communications

A recently released article in the Journal of Pediatric Quality and Safety shows the independent research results of an observational study on how to reduce the time nurses and physicians spend on communication tasks that take them away from patient care in a critical care environment.

The Next Step To Value-Based Care: Activating Healthcare Data For Physicians
Guest Column | By Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer

Healthcare has seen a number of life-saving breakthroughs: vaccines, anesthesia, bypass surgery, the balloon catheter, and even decoding the human genome sequence. These have all changed the face of healthcare, transforming how we do things around here. But there’s one breakthrough which we have known is coming for a long time now.

Software And Hardware End-Of-Life Risks For Healthcare
Guest Column | By Afzal Bashir, Versatile Health

We often find that it is the critical systems that run the unsupported software or hardware. While most IT teams know the importance of unsupported systems and life cycle management, competing priorities and the approach of “if it’s not broken” is often taken with legacy systems.

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7 Tips For Secure BYOD In Healthcare
Article | By Win Reis, Vocera Communications

If endpoint security — especially for smartphones — wasn’t a top-of-mind issue for healthcare IT leaders before, it certainly is now. I’ve spoken with numerous customers who struggle with it and are asking for guidance.

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