Magazine Issue | October 2, 2013

September/October 2013 HTO Issue

Source: Health IT Outcomes
From The Editor

Ken Congdon, Editor In Chief, Health IT OutcomesFinally … Proof Of Health IT ROI

Opponents of HITECH’s $27-billion EHR Meaningful Use program have long argued that while the financial incentives have been successful at promoting EHR adoption, the technology itself has not delivered on its promise of improving care or lowering costs. Well, these detractors may soon be forced to eat crow. Some third-party data has recently emerged that provides clear evidence of the cost-reducing power of health IT.

Feature Story

Practices Under Pressure: 6 Ways To Cope With Rising Health IT Demands

The financial and resource requirements for health IT deployments are becoming too much for many physicians practices to bear. These 6 tips can help you successfully tackle the health IT beast.


Is Meaningful Use Worth The Effort?

Attesting for Meaningful Use is a time-consuming and costly endeavor for physicians practices. Many practices are beginning to see the fruits of their labor, but others still think the program is misguided.


Case Studies

Olympic Lessons In EHR Adoption
Thanks to an EHR implementation in 2012, the United States Olympic Committee has improved medical documentation, health data access, and overall patient care.

Intermountain’s Telehealth Triumph
Intermountain Healthcare is changing the telehealth paradigm by abandoning departmental applications of the technology in favor of a system-wide telehealth infrastructure.

RTLS Provides Hospital With The Gift Of Time
A real-time location system (RTLS) helps Miami-based Jackson Memorial Health System efficiently keep tabs on 14,500 pieces of medical equipment, allowing staff to dedicate more time to patient care.


Don’t Sit On The ACO Sidelines
Uncertainty regarding the long-term viability of ACOs has many healthcare providers taking a “wait-and-see” approach. Dr. Marlon Priest, CMO of Bon Secours Health System, explains why this is a big mistake.

Smartphones Usher In New Era Of Nursing Care
Adopting mobile communication technology has helped nurses at Frisbie Memorial Hospital better coordinate care and improve workflow between units.

The Real Value Of Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
CDS is helping standardize care at Riverside Health System, making performance measurement more efficient and reliable.

Leverage PM To Prep For ICD-10
Pulmonary Associates is finding its Practice Management (PM) system instrumental in helping it prepare for ICD-10, all while keeping claims revenue flowing.