Brochure | January 31, 2012

Remote Systems Management

Source: Datalogic ADC, Inc.

Perhaps one of the greatest frustrations in enterprise management is inefficient operational processes. Without a good process to manage peripherals such as bar code readers, businesses will waste valuable and costly resources, especially those associated with labor.

Fortunately, recent advances in Remote Systems Management have been developed to help manage operational processes at a distance. Datalogic bar code readers and UPOS software, coupled with enterprise-level tools from Datalogic partners, combine to provide industry-standard based Remote Management solutions. IT managers can use this capability to manage assets from a central location and monitor scanner performance, health, and statistical data. These tools enable additional tasks to be automated such as help desk requests, proactive resource management, inventory, and firmware updates.

For example, an IT manager could query the Remote Management database to find the location, serial number, interface, configuration, and firmware version of any scanner across the enterprise. New firmware could then be pushed across the enterprise to specific locations and hardware, all from a central location. No need for an IT specialist to visit each location and manually inventory and update scanners; a tedious, time-consuming and expensive task.