Newsletter | February 13, 2020

02.13.20 -- Overcoming The Perfect Storm To Better Engage Customers

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9 Technology Megatrends For Healthcare In 2020
  Guest Column | By Scott Hampel, MedeAnalytics

Now that we’re one month into 2020, it’s becoming clear the data produced in the healthcare industry by providers, consumers, and payers will power and propel our nine megatrends. Healthcare data is the foundation on which we’re building everything from healthcare outreach for the underserved to new Internet-of-Things-based healthcare programs to treatments designed just for you.

How HIT Can Fix Hospitals With Too Many Patients And Not Enough Staff
  Guest Column | By Geoff Gross, Medical Guardian

Generally speaking, healthcare costs in the U.S. are high — but the problem goes beyond treatment costs. Poor patient outcomes drive up the price tag significantly, and a big part of the problem is that healthcare organizations are overpopulated with patients while understaffed with qualified providers.

Overcoming The Perfect Storm To Better Engage Customers
  Guest Column | By Ben Seyden, Franciscan Health

Twenty years ago, George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg showed us the devastating impact of a perfect storm. The movie, The Perfect Storm, dramatizes the true story of the final voyage of the fishing vessel Andrea Gail. The ship and her crew fishing off the coast of Newfoundland were stuck at the confluence of two major weather systems and a hurricane. The crew bravely faced waves measured at over 100 feet high. There was no way to escape. They must fight through the storm. In 2020, healthcare systems are in a similar situation.

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