Onbase Workview

Source: KeyMark Inc.
WorkView is an OnBase solution that enables organizations to view and track both information and interactions surrounding a specific business process.

WorkView is an OnBase solution that enables organizations to view and track both information and interactions surrounding a specific business process. Core business processes are rarely carried out without human interaction. With the growing concern of risk and compliance, these human interactions need to be captured and associated with relevant documents and processes. WorkView is a fully customizable, scalable solution that will not only capture these interactions, but also tie together the supporting documents and information generated and transitioned through a business process.

OnBase WorkView provides "views" into each step within a given process. Each view provides a mechanism for understanding and tracking a case working its way through the system. A case is an assortment of information consisting of records, events, interactions and documents pertaining to a single definable instance. Whether the business process is claims processing, IT support-call resolution or customer service, WorkView provides a structure for organizations to quickly and effectively collaborate to achieve their goals.

WorkView deployment is carried out via a point-and-click interface requiring no custom coding or scripting. A discovery process is carried out to ascertain the way in which WorkView will be deployed and the scope of the application, along with the elements to be captured.

Once deployed, WorkView users generate, add to and complete collaborative business processes. Initially a case is opened outlining the details of issue or processes to be dealt with. Once created, the case is worked upon until it reaches resolution. An existing case requiring specific input may be handled by numerous users and departments across an organization. At each point of interaction, user data is captured and stored as part of the case. As the case transitions through the process, each user may view the previously logged interactions. Anyone can quickly view a real-time status of every instance in a particular business process through the use of filters and view portlets, These can be accessed directly from WorkView, from StatusView or with Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint®. Once a case is completed, it is archived for reference and can be retrieved in the future for audit and accounting purposes.

An extension of the OnBase ECM solution, WorkView unites data and human interaction, providing a complete view of the business. The ability to capture, track and analyze status, performance and a behavior through a single interface enables organizations to swiftly act upon issues and rapidly develop methods for managing critical processes.

Applications could include a claims process where the initial claim, follow-up correspondence, third-party reports and other supporting documents need to be captured. An IT Help Desk could use WorkView to document incoming support calls, detail any troubleshooting steps taken, capture print reports or screen shots of the errors and ultimately record the resolution. Also, WorkView has been proven to serve as a governance and risk compliance solution for matters like Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II, and a pre-configured Risk and Compliance Template is available. WorkView documents processes, risks and controls and offers audit functionality. In fact, any single unit around which content and/or human interaction revolves can be captured with a WorkView application.

When deployed with the other OnBase products such as Workflow and E-forms, WorkView delivers a further level of dynamism by automatically routing content between collaborating participants. These modules in concert provide a mechanism to create, collaborate, log, execute and conclude business transactions in a structured, efficient environment, harnessing the strength of OnBase's document management capabilities.

Core Features

  • Rapid application deployment for collaborative enterprises
  • Configured to mirror current business process so little-to-no end-user training is required
  • Independent, user-definable interfaces for different business groups
  • Relational management of correspondence used to relate like events to one another
  • Point-and-click configuration
  • Granular security integrated with OnBase document management system
  • Search filters and view portlets for custom data views and retrieval
  • Integrated with native document management solution
  • Document routing and processing integration with OnBase Workflow module