Guest Column | December 30, 2016

Now Is The Time To Fix The Business Of Healthcare

Fix The Business Of Healthcare

How a few dozen business and technology innovators and clinical executives, are collaborating to craft and execute a realistic, actionable game plan to reinvent the business of healthcare

We are in the midst of the most awe-inspiring advances in the history of health. Scientists, researchers, physicians, biopharmaceutical giants and innovative startups alike are creating and launching medical solutions that amaze the mind.

British doctors recently cured an infant with terminal leukemia by editing new genes into donated cancer-fighting T-cells. Elsewhere, surgeons are now physically removing blood clots from the brains of stroke victims. This neurovascular stent procedure is effective 90 percent of the time, compared to just a third of the time with the clot-busting drugs that were considered revolutionary just 20 years ago. Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital are performing fetal cardiac surgeries, operating inutero at the microscopic level with tiny wires guided by ultrasound imagery. Add new vaccines, genomic medicine, life-like prosthetic limbs, the decoding of bacterial DNA, and more to this growing list of innovations.