Newsletter | November 20, 2018

11.20.18 -- No One Party Or Workflow Can Address The Opioid Crisis

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Leveraging Social Media For Collaboration, Global Reach, And Real-Time Learning
Guest Column | By Erin Fitzgerald, SERMO

In today’s connected world, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are taking advantage of new ways to collaborate and social media is leading the charge. Collaboration has become a key factor for doctors using social media, allowing them to anonymously share experiences, insights and challenges. This type of collaboration simply wasn’t possible before the use of social media.

Live Well, Age Well – And Communicate Well – At Covia
Article | By Karen Kemp, Covia

Communication system allows staff to coordinate an evacuation plan with staff and residents at a senior community threatened by wild fires.

No One Party Or Workflow Can Address The Opioid Crisis
Guest Column | By Richard K. Grape, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Data from both traditional health sources and non-medical sources, wrapped in analytics, can offer a unique view of individuals as they engage various stakeholders throughout the healthcare system. These data insights can enable extrapolation and identification of risk factors that are often complex and indicative of opioid abuse and misuse.

In Case You Missed It
How To Build Your Tech Stack Around The Patient Experience — And Why You Should
Guest Column | By Russell Olsen, WebPT

Technology is disrupting the healthcare industry, including patients’ expectations about their care experience. Thus, healthcare organizations should implement technology that enhances the patient experience—and use behavior design to ensure adoption.

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