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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: The Future Is Now
By A2iA Corporation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are included in almost every 2017 trends article, and rightfully so. But what are AI and machine learning, and what impact will these technologies have on our industry? A2iA recently took time to talk with ECM Connection to answer these questions and more.

Steps To Successful Analytics
By Health Language

In October, hospitals’ fledgling ICD-10 systems and processes will be put to their first major test with the addition of more than 6,130 new codes. Without sufficient bandwidth to manage and verify appropriate utilization of the expanded code set, risk adjustment, quality measures reporting, and reimbursement levels may all be impacted, as well as revenue cycles that are likely still bouncing back from the initial post-ICD-10 hit.

8 Tips For Increasing EMR Adoption
By Imprivata

Any new technology represents a change from previous ways of doing things. For many people, change itself is a burden. For physicians and care providers already pressed for time in a stressful environment, taking the time to learn and use new technology can be a hardship.

Now Is The Time To Fix The Business Of Healthcare
By The Healthcare Industry Transformation Project

Learn how a few dozen business and technology innovators and clinical executives are collaborating to craft and execute a realistic, actionable game plan to reinvent the business of healthcare.

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