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Cyber Security: Don't Forget Physical Assets
By Connection

Cyber security is instrumental in securing patient data, but the physical side of IT is just as important in keeping data safe.

EHR Company Makes MIPS Pledge, Promises Full Return
By Christine Kern, contributing writer

The MIPS transition has created a level of weariness and fear for physicians, and while it’s unclear where our healthcare system is headed, the MACRA/MIPS switch continues full steam ahead.

How Longitudinal Care Coordination Improves Care Planning
By Elsevier

Fragmented and disjointed care leads to complications, including medication errors, preventable hospital readmissions, and unnecessary pain and suffering for patients. Patients and family members can play a significant role in preventing errors and reducing harm, but the responsibility for providing quality care and patient safety lies primarily with the leaders of healthcare organizations and the clinicians and staff who deliver care.

Accessible Healthcare: Welcoming Mobility Into The Fold

Mobile lies at the heart of digital healthcare, spearheading a future of integrated and connected care delivery and bringing to the forefront concerns regarding patient privacy and data security. Here we take a look at how healthcare mobility, with its fair share of benefits and concerns, has completely transformed the care delivery continuum through connectivity and collaboration.

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