Newsletter | November 7, 2019

11.07.19 -- Measuring The Impact Of Real-Time Communications

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Data Integrity: Ensuring Your Data Is Trustworthy
Guest Column | By Steven Weil, Point B

Healthcare organizations prioritize data confidentiality. Here are some ways to ensure the trustworthiness of your data.

HIPAA vs. HITRUST, And Why It Matters
Guest Column | By Perry Price, Revation Systems

As technology continues to permeate the healthcare industry, ensuring that technology partners are compliant with the most current security regulations in order to protect sensitive patient data has become critically importance. With more data in the cloud than ever before, and the imminent threat of a data breach continuously on the rise, it is no surprise just how significant protecting patient data has become.

Measuring The Impact Of Real-Time Communications
  Article | By Kathy English, Vocera Communications

A recently released article in the Journal of Pediatric Quality and Safety shows the independent research results of an observational study on how to reduce the time nurses and physicians spend on communication tasks that take them away from patient care in a critical care environment.

  WEDI 2019 Winter Conference: December 2 To 5 In Arlington, Virginia

Under the guidance to “Connect, Communicate, Collaborate,” a host of healthcare IT stakeholders, including payers, providers, government regulators, and vendors, will gather at #WEDIWinter to network and collaborate around sessions on topics such as data exchange and the opioid crisis, FHIR, APIs, TEFCA, ICD-11, privacy and security, new Medicare cards, as well as healthcare and its impact on the 2020 election. Register today!

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