News | June 26, 2009

JACO Announces New JACO SMARTPower Intelligent Recharging Power Systems

Source: JACO Inc.

JACO Inc, the global leader in mobile wireless PC platforms, has launched a new Intelligent Recharging Power product, JACO SMARTPower™, which provides an enhanced user interface for any battery operated PC Cart, Mobile Instrumentation or smaller hand held devices, including cell phones. Integrated circuitry allows the device to detect whether a device is currently charging or fully charged, and displays that data via a simple to read LED status light.

"Our biggest problem with battery powered carts and other instruments is keeping them charged." Said Dave, an IT Manager at Mt Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA." Having the plugs at 48 inches high will definitely encourage clinicians to plug in the carts more often."

The number one issue in healthcare with battery powered PC Carts and other rechargeable instruments is getting the staff to plug them in on a regular basis. Most facilities have outlets set at 18" off the floor, but many of these outlets are either hidden by furniture, making them hard to get at, or already in use. Facilities often make use of traditional power strips which they leave laying on the floor in order to provide extra outlets, but it doesn't solve the problem of comfortable accessibility. Carol, a Nurse Manager at Concord Hospital in Concord NH stated, "We never have enough outlets. Adding 4 outlets at a comfortable height would be very well received by the staff. "

"We saw a need in the market place for a product that would encourage users to recharge the battery power devices. We needed to make the outlets more visible, more accessible, and more intelligent. Says Fred Rossini, President of JACO Inc. "We developed the JACO SMARTPower™ product to be easily wall mounted at waist height and incorporated LED charge status indicators above each outlet so that the user could see if their carts or instruments where charging or fully charged from over 20 feet away."

The JACO SmartPower™ products features:

  • Ergonomically positioned availability that will encourage more frequent charging extending the life of the power systems SLA Cells, saving money over the life of the cart.
  • High visibility will dramatically reduce or completely eliminate damage to cords and outlets caused by operators moving cart without unplugging from the wall outlets, saving on costly repairs and loss of the use of outlets and/or carts.
  • Convenient location and LED Charge Status Indicators will reduce time looking for available outlets, saving time and reducing frustration for the staff.

Bottom line: Everyone, from IT to Nursing Staff, understands that the JACO SmartPowerTM Product would save them time and the hospital money by keeping the Carts operational.

An IT Staff member at Montefiore Medical Center, NY offered "The high visibility of the outlets will reduce damage to the cords and outlets as clinicians can see that they are plugged in before moving a cart away from the wall."