Newsletter | April 23, 2020

04.23.20 -- It's Time To Expand Our Thinking About Interoperability

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What Data Tells Us About The State Of Patient Engagement

More and more providers are leveraging mobile-first engagement technologies to improve access and deliver the overall experience today’s consumers expect. One of those technologies is something the vast majority of U.S. adults use every day: text messaging.

Reduce Medical Vulnerability: A Key Aspect Of Improving The Patient Experience

Conversations about how to create a better patient experience are ubiquitous throughout healthcare. However, despite being a good first step toward more patient-focused processes, they tend to be too broad to drive meaningful change.

Embracing Expanded Telehealth Options For Non-Physician Providers

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, many providers suddenly see telehealth as the most viable way to ensure care continuity and patient safety. As a result, telehealth options are expanding at an unprecedented pace—especially within the rehab therapy space.    

It’s Time To Expand Our Thinking About Interoperability

For healthcare delivery to become efficient and friendly to providers, the healthcare workforce at large, and the consumer, we need to broaden our definition of interoperability beyond the sharing of standardized clinical history.