Article | February 17, 2016

It Begins With Patient ID

Source: Zebra Technologies
Patient ID

Zebra Technologies Corporation is proud to exhibit at HIMSS16. This year’s event takes place Monday, February 29 through Thursday March 3, at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.

At HIMSS16, Zebra will debut a series of solution sets that will deliver identity solutions that improve patient care. 

Prior to identification of patient specimens, medications, or even the assets used in patient care, healthcare providers need to positively identify their patients.  According to a 2014 report entitled Patient Identification and Matching that was prepared for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. “Over the last few years, the healthcare industry has been working towards meeting the Triple Aim of improving patient care, improving population health, and reducing the cost of healthcare. Accurately identifying patients and correctly matching their data, particularly as electronic data becomes more prevalent, is a key component to ensuring the Triple Aim can be met.” Yet part of meeting these objectives is to provide an underlying system of patient ID that works best with the workflows of the health systems. 

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