Article | February 2, 2017

Israel: A Case Study In National Connectivity For Better Health

Source: Allscripts
Digital Omnivore Doctors

By Martha Thorne, Allscripts

A pre-surgical patient at an Israeli hospital remembers a complication from anaesthesia during a surgery 14 years ago that left her in the ICU for several days. Neither she nor her family remembers what the complication was, so the patient must undergo additional testing before her surgery can be scheduled.

She’s the lucky one. What if the same situation had occurred with an unconscious patient who required immediate surgery? If providers can’t access relevant patient information in a timely manner, the consequences could be life-threatening.

The desire to aggregate patient information from disparate sources, do it quickly and present it in a way that made sense to caregivers gave rise to the Ofek Network, powered by the Allscripts dbMotion™ Solution, across Clalit Health Services (Tel Aviv, Israel). Featured in a new case study, this health network connects multiple organizations and disparate systems that serve Israel’s 8.3 million residents.