Newsletter | September 12, 2019

09.12.19 -- Is HIPAA Compliance Enough? What You Need To Know About Cybersecurity

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Physician Burnout Is Only The Symptom Of The Condition
Guest Column | By Joel A. Kahn M.D., First Line Software

There is some evidence that physician burnout is easing with the right tools in place. Automated clinical tools that are integrated into the physician workflow can assist rather than burden the physician in providing quality care.

How iPad-Based Rounding Enabled Better Patient Experience And Employee Engagement
Case Study | By Sue Murphy, University of Chicago Medicine

University of Chicago Medicine has been on a journey to make experience match science. One of the key efforts on that journey was to introduce iPad-based rounding as a tool to help nurse leaders identify and solve any patient or family concerns quickly and efficiently, as well as to recognize nurses and other staff members for excellence.

Is HIPAA Compliance Enough? What You Need To Know About Cybersecurity
  Guest Column | By Melanie Purkis, Liquid Web

HIPAA compliance is complex and requires adherence to a number of checks in order to keep sensitive data secure. Healthcare organizations and others that deal with sensitive personal data are in a tough spot.

In Case You Missed It
How AI Will Evolve In Healthcare
Guest Column | By Shailesh Tiwari, MST Solutions

From chronic to acute diseases to clinical trials and drug development, the opportunities for a more precise and efficient intervention driven by AI are endless.

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