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White Paper: Introducing ‘True SFA Mobility': A Force Multiplier For Sales Productivity And Enterprise Efficiency

Source: Motorola

Today the question no longer is "Should I deploy mobility in my salesforce?" but "How can I get the most out of salesforce mobility investments?" As outlined above, simply placing mobile devices in the hands of your salesforce provides some improvement in the sales function, but it is only through ‘true mobility' that the full value of mobility investments can be realized. With true mobility the enterprise will enjoy major incremental efficiency gains for the sales force that will spread into the enterprise to also improve operational efficiency.

True mobility solutions allow the salesforce to remain fully integrated into the business, with real-time access to the tools and data back at the office — even though they are out on the road. With easy access to critical personal productivity and business applications, such as email and presentation tools; inventory, pricing and order databases; and full deskphone functionality — all on a single integrated voice and data device — sales representatives always have the tools to get the job done now, and management has a real-time window into the sales pipeline to better manage the business. The power of a laptop computer, mobile phone, deskphone, bar code scanner and pager are combined into one enterprise-class handheld device that is easy to manage, easy to secure and easy to integrate into the existing corporate voice and data infrastructure. The result is a shift in focus from portability to true mobility. Instead of stand-alone ‘disconnected' voice and computing capabilities on different devices, workers outside the four walls now remain completely integrated into the enterprise, with single device simplicity and a seamless connection to your voice and data systems anywhere, anytime.

True mobility allows enterprises to reap greater benefits and value from mobile solutions. The real-time connection to your business systems improves salesforce productivity, sales management and overall efficiency wherever your operations touch the sales function — from inventory management and accounts receivable to the warehouse and production line.

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