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04.25.19 -- Informed Hope: Hardwiring Compassion In Healthcare

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Virtual Care: An Rx For Addressing Mental Health Struggles
Guest Column | By Ray Costantini,

Although the stigma of mental and emotional health issues are beginning to subside, even those ready to get help encounter discouraging roadblocks: a lack of timely appointments because of a shortage of doctors, the high cost of care, the lack of insurance coverage for mental health services, and the challenging emotional burden of acting on the symptoms of depression.

4 Ways 5G Tech Could Impact Medical Facilities
Guest Column | By Kayla Matthews, Productivity Bytes

The 5G network is coming, and even though people don't have widespread access to it yet, they typically have a strong sense that it could forever change how they use the internet and connected technologies. At the industry level, organizations are also anticipating how this technology could improve their operations. Here are four ways it may impact healthcare.

Informed Hope: Hardwiring Compassion In Healthcare
Article | By M. Bridget Duffy, Vocera Communications

With the growing number of checklists and mounting pressures to improve quality, safety, efficiency, and performance, it is easy for healthcare providers to lose sight of an essential part of medicine—compassion.

In Case You Missed It
How Real-Time Location Systems Revolutionized Healthcare
Guest Column | By Kayla Matthews, Productivity Bytes

In a busy healthcare environment, a RTLS could aid in loss prevention, patient safety, and more. Here are five ways the technology has spurred progress for patients and providers.


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