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HTO Encore: Key To Lean Healthcare?; 'Make Or Break' Mobile Power Secrets; Dramatically Reduce Transcription Costs

Healthcare Technology Online
Kaizen: The Key To Lean Healthcare?
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online Kaizen is a philosophy that promotes continuous small process improvements implemented by frontline employees. Could this lean strategy provide a significant boost to your health IT initiatives?
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Popular Articles

Medical Group Reduces Transcription Costs By 90%, Increases EHR Adoption
Despite the benefits of using voice recognition technology in transcription, some physicians resisted. To encourage adoption, the group published a report detailing each physician’s transcription costs. Instantly, costs plummeted. One user reduced transcription costs from $12,000 to $2,000 per month. Read more.

Bar Codes In Medication Administration Protect Patients And Providers
This white paper will illustrate how bar code systems improve patient safety; summarize the ASHP, The Joint Commission, and FDA policies and recommendations that are driving the current surge in bar code-based patient safety programs; present bar code marking options; and provide guidance for developing a practical strategy for bar code-based patient safety programs. Read more.

3 ‘Make Or Break' Secrets About Your COW's Mobile Power System
Clinicians depend on a cart's power system to provide ample runtime while requiring minimal charge time, and three critical factors can lead to success or failure. Read more.

Community Health Centers - A Care Coordination Model On The Forefront Of Delivery Reform
While CHCs make up less than 5% of the ambulatory clinics in the United States, they are at the forefront of technology adoption, care coordination and population health management as a result of an emphasis on quality improvement in healthcare. Read more.

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FormFast Forms Automation
With forms automation and workflow solutions from FormFast, you can cut out the inefficiencies of printed forms throughout your organization, including HR, administration, and clinical areas. Read more.
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