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HTO Encore: HIE Success Secrets; IT As A Healthcare Disruption; 10 Cart Checklist; Automation Optimizes EHR

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3 Secrets Of Successful HIEs
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online
By Ken Congdon, editor in chief, Healthcare Technology Online Many anticipate several HIEs will falter once federal funding runs out, but a recent IDC Health Insights report outlines traits common to successful HIEs that can be employed with or without federal funding.
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Solutions For Effective Revenue Cycle Management

Solutions For Effective Revenue Cycle Management

Read this paper and learn how revenue cycle management solutions from Washington Consulting Inc. and EMC are enabling healthcare providers to more effectively manage cash flow. With this integrated solution, providers are able to streamline the claims process from start to finish; improve the accuracy of collected information and submitted claims; and reduce errors and claim denials and improve collections to drive a better bottom line.

Popular Articles

Use IT To 'Disrupt' The Healthcare System
This white paper captures focuses on how IT can introduce "disruptive innovation" and help healthcare facilities meet the challenges of transforming the U.S. health sector. The challenge for disruptive innovation — or decentralization — is to provide more affordable access to more people, applying existing hospital-centric tools and technologies to the outpatient setting. Read more.

Handheld Technology Helps Advocate Health Centers Save Time And Improve Patient Care
Critical to medical records management is knowing the location of a patient's chart to ensure prompt health care. Intermec handheld scanners and printers enable Advocate Heath Care Centers to save time locating patient information and provide quality care. Read more.

10-Point Checklist: Maximize The Life Of Your Mobile Cart Power System
Powered mobile carts are a significant technology investment. This article outlines 10 simple steps to take to prolong the life of your power system. Read more.

Color Imaging's Positive Impact On Caregiver Workflow And Patient Care
Color imaging provides an advantage for hospitals in that it enhances existing workflow, or, even more importantly, enables workflow that was not possible in the past. This new functionality enables hospitals that deploy color imaging scanners to experience significant benefits, including improved caregiver productivity, reduced device acquisition costs, streamlined workflow, increased protection against patient privacy violations, and many more. Read more.

Meaningful Use: What's It All Mean?
The following white paper provides answers to frequently asked questions about ARRA, the HITECH Act, and the CMS EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Programs. Read more.

Automate Paperwork, Optimize EHRs
This white paper shares the results of a study designed to explore and understand the implications raised by the slower than expected uptake of EHR in the clinical operations of outpatient providers. Read more.

Featured Product
Motion C5v Mobile Clinical Assistant
Deliver mobility and reliability at the point-of-care with the Motion® C5v. The industry's first Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA), the C5v was designed specifically for healthcare environments in partnership with Intel® Health and based on input from thousands of clinicians worldwide. Read more.
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