Newsletter | August 8, 2019

08.08.19 -- How To Leverage Technology Against Healthcare Fraud

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In-Building Wireless Solutions For Hospitals
Guest Column | By Tim Flannagan, Accu-Tech and Nate Fuentes, CommScope

In a hospital, a reliable, high-speed indoor coverage network is essential. However, it has been a challenge to find a wireless infrastructure solution that’s cost-effective, reliable, and manageable.

Hospital Communication: How Many Apps Does It Take to Make A Phone Call?
Article | By Rhonda Collins, Vocera Communications

There’s enough complexity going on for care teams in a hospital without communication hurdles making it harder. Caregivers shouldn’t have to bounce from one app to another, be forced to retain names and phone numbers in working memory, or have to walk the hospital to find what they need. A doctor, nurse, or any care team member should only need to use a single app to communicate.

How To Leverage Technology Against Healthcare Fraud
Guest Column | By Kayla Matthews, Productivity Bytes

Health-care fraud can come in all shapes and sizes. For example, an unscrupulous physician might use patient information to bill for services they didn't render. There is also something called medical coder unbundling, where a practice bills a patient for each separate step of the procedure.

In Case You Missed It
Top 3 Technologies Transforming The Modern Health Practice
Guest Column | By Steve Gallion, MedTrainer

In order to run a successful practice, today’s healthcare organizations need qualified providers and to maintain a consistent revenue flow. But amid rising operational costs, complex regulatory requirements, and high staff turnover rates, this is easier said than done — particularly for those relying on manual administrative processes.


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