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11.15.18 -- How Millennials Are Driving Interest And Usage Of Virtual Care

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Real-Time Healthcare Analytics: Monitor, Predict, Nudge, Act
Article | By Jennifer Knapp, Vocera Communications

Sending proactive nudges to staff on the voice-driven, hands-free Vocera Badge allows perioperative teams to coordinate care even when scrubbed in or working with patients and sterile equipment. And the Vocera broadcast capability ensures the right team members are hearing the same message at the same time.

Patients Trust Online Reviews As Much As Doctor Recommendations (And Other Shocking Facts About Transparency In Healthcare)
Guest Column | By Andrew Ibbotson, NRC Health

Businesses everywhere are feeling the pressure to be more transparent. Online ratings and reviews started with retail shopping and quickly expanded from there. Now they’re a fixture that people expect to see when they’re searching for anything, from dog walkers to job opportunities.

How Millennials Are Driving Interest And Usage Of Virtual Care
Guest Column | By Lee Horner, Synzi

As healthcare organizations increasingly focus on how to deliver care that meets the needs of this generation, they should keep in mind these key considerations when embracing virtual care technology.

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4 Easy Ways PRM Software Can Increase Office Efficiency
Guest Column | By Jim Higgins, Solutionreach

Patient relationship management software can provide the solutions both providers and their patients are looking for to create the best experience. In fact, many practices are already doing things a PRM solution could make easier for them. These four processes are examples of ways PRM software can help a practice increase their efficiency and improve the patient experience.

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