FormFast Positive Patient ID

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FormFast FastFlow EMR Solutions

Forms Automation solutions from FormFast help eliminate the opportunity for errors to occur.

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Forms Automation solutions from FormFast help eliminate the opportunity for errors to occur. The increased accuracy, readability, and timeliness of forms processed with FormFast greatly improves patient safety. Below are some of the features of FormFast supports to increase patient safety and assure a Positive Patient ID.

Bar Coding
Eliminate human error by implementing Patient ID barcodes on wristbands, medication labels, and forms. The use of bar codes and bar code scanners enables quick positive identification. FormFast prints both the patient ID and the Form ID onto each form, eliminating the need for attaching labels that can fall off and be transferred.

LaserBand® Wristbands
With FormFast Software and LaserBand2 you can enhance patient safety, eliminate patient and specimen identification errors and improve processes at your facility. Our wristband and label solutions support point of care verification of patient ID for medications, phlebotomy, transfusion, glucometers, supply management and treatments.

Bar coded labels replace imprinters and also facilitate automated document scanning to electronic medical records.

FormFast Software lets you create wristbands and labels using a variety of fonts, color coding, bar codes, graphics, or even photographs. Wristbands and labels can be generated from any workstation, on demand. In the event that a wristband is lost or broken, FormFast's FormImprint enables replacements to be printed at the nurses station.

LaserBand2 includes baby, pediatric and adult sized wristbands, tags and chart labels. The system also includes a wristband extender for large patients and 2 integrated security seals to indicate wristband tampering and ensure permanent fit.

Photo Capture
FormFast offers a photo capture module to enable the application of photos to forms, labels, and wristbands.

Reliable Readability
Eliminate blue cards and embossing systems which often result in illegible patient information. FormFast also gives your staff the ability to reprint forms that have become unreadable.

Reduce Human Error
When people are responsible for manually copying information from one form to another the opportunity for error is acute. FormFast manages data to accurately and consistently apply patient information to forms and packets of forms.