Case Study

Electronic Patient Tracking Ensures Accurate Evacuation Processes

Source: Honeywell

A natural disaster or unexpected emergency could occur anywhere at anytime, thus healthcare facilities like United Hospital Center (UHC) conduct evacuation drills several times a year to ensure all patient tracking and safety procedures are effective. This involves making sure each patient is accounted for when transporting them from one healthcare facility to another in the time of an emergency, and ensuring all the patient information pertinent to their care is accessible.

In the past, UHC conducted its evacuation drills utilizing a manual patient tracking system, which had the potential to result in human errors, such as inaccurate collection of patient information and delays in care. After investigating several available options, UHC challenged Sydion, LLC, a mobile crisis management technology company, to find a mobile solution to efficiently scan, report and monitor the many moving parts in transit during an evacuation. The solution had to be durable, easy to view in dimly-lit situations and able to withstand the harsh conditions that could be experienced during emergencies.

Taking all requirements into consideration, Sydion selected the Honeywell Dolphin 9900hc mobile computer to complement its comprehensive and scalable emergency patient tracking system, eMET®. The rugged Dolphin 9900hc provides the capabilities needed for any emergency response situation, including ease-of-use, hospital grade disinfectant-ready housings, and Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN) for real-time data exchange. Paired with eMET, the solution provides emergency responders with up-to-date and accurate patient information from any mobile location. Access this content to read the entire case study.