Captuvo SL22h Enterprise Sled For The Apple® iPod touch® 5th Generation

Source: Honeywell

Captuvo SL22h Enterprise Sled For Apple® iPod touch®

For healthcare professionals looking to streamline data collection and communications among staff and patients, the Captuvo SL22h Enterprise Sled for the Apple® iPod touch® 5th generation provides an easy-to-use tool to help them be more productive, while tolerating the harsh sterilization chemicals the environment requires.

Featuring Honeywell AdaptusTM Imaging Technology 6.0 for barcode scanning, the SL22 enables fast and accurate reading of linear and 2D barcodes and has been specifically enhanced to rapidly capture even the most challenging healthcare barcodes such as clear IV bags and micro-2D barcodes found on medications which saves time and improves patient safety.

Traditional battery life of the iPod is greatly improved by the SL22h user replaceable, hot swappable external battery pack that powers the SL22h scanner and the iPod for around the clock use. The extra capacity SL22h battery pack even recharges the iPod. This allows caregivers to stay up and running without requiring spare iPod's or wasting valuable time waiting for a recharge.

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