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07.25.19 -- Can Healthcare Be Cheaper Than A Cup Of Coffee?


Opal Group’s Healthcare Facilities Design Summit in Springs, FL, December 8 to 10, 2019, is addressing pertinent issues in the design and construction process of hospital and health systems. This program is an invitation-only event that provides unparalleled face-to-face meetings with executive directors and vice presidents of facilities, construction, and capital planning of the largest hospitals and healthcare systems in the nation.

Featured Articles
Mitigating Healthcare’s Most Common Types Of Security Breaches
Guest Column | By Shahrokh Shahidzadeh, Acceptto

In simple terms, a data breach is a security incident where a company's sensitive information is accessed without authorization. However, a data breach is more complex than just a leak or an exposure of sensitive data. The first step of a data breach is usually a targeted attack, with the attacker often seeking a specific data set which could offer financial benefits.

How Halifax Health Ensured Communication Security While Reducing Patient Stress
Case Study | Vocera Communications

When Halifax Health clinicians needed to consult a physician who wasn’t physically present in the unit, they were required to call a central operator who would then call the physician, relay the query, and coordinate a response. Because this was an inefficient process, care teams naturally turned to their personal smartphones. Halifax Health wanted to improve this situation and enable clinical staff to text each other securely so they could better communicate about patients.

Can Healthcare Be Cheaper Than A Cup Of Coffee?
Guest Column | By Dr. Samant Virk, MD, MediSprout

When faced with article after article about the rising costs of healthcare, I often ask myself --can healthcare be cheaper than the cost of a cup of coffee? And the answer that I come back to every time is, Yes! With the proper technology, a doctor visit can cost less than your morning latte.

In Case You Missed It
It's More Than A Mobile Strategy: Read The CNO Perspective
White Paper | By Rhonda Collins, Vocera Communications

Mobile strategy doesn’t just affect the way clinicians communicate it changes the way they practice. This is why we have to understand and meet users’ expectations and support practical use in the patient care environment.

The Role Of Social Determinants In Influencing Population Health
Guest Column | By Derek Ross, Philips

We are complex, and our health reflects this complexity. Including social determinants in health evaluations holds great promise not only for patients and broader population groups, but for healthcare providers and health systems overall.


Opal Group’s Chief Nursing Officer Summit, September 16  to 17, 2019, in Scottsdale, AZ, will gather top senior nurse leaders and chief patient engagement officers who will speak about telehealth, mhealth, health management for patients, and more. There will be many interactive sessions and networking opportunities! If you are interested in speaking or sponsorship opportunities, please email us at

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