Webinar | January 5, 2016

Bridge The Gap between Fax And Direct Messaging In Healthcare

Source: OpenText

Accelerate interoperability in healthcare with a first-to-market healthcare solution that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution by enabling healthcare organization to easily exchange Direct messages with no change to the user experience using their current RightFax-EMR integrations. 

RightFax Healthcare Direct is an add-on module for RightFax with a suite of services that allows organizations to:

  • Send Direct messaging using existing RightFax server and EMR integrations
  • Ingest Direct messages directly into their EMR system
  • Expand Direct throughout the provider community
  • Turn unstructured content into structured Direct messages
  • Streamline document exchange to increase the quality of patient care and clinical excellence

View the replay today to learn how to accelerate interoperability with a single, innovative solution that bridges the technology gap between fax and Direct messaging.

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