Newsletter | February 27, 2020

02.27.20 -- 6 Diseases That Could Benefit Most From MedTech In 2020

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3 Healthcare Industry Pains Solved With Blockchain
Guest Column | By Ivan Kot, Itransition

Trusting is difficult, but it is an integral part of life. Yet different activities require different levels of trust. You may easily buy something on Amazon relying on user reviews only, but taking care of your health is a whole different level of reliance.

Healthcare Providers Must Protect Patient Data In 2020: Here’s Why
Guest Column | By Isaac Kohen, Teramind

Quality healthcare is predicated on a simple principle: First, do no harm. The Hippocratic Oath serves as the sector’s centuries-old lodestar that ensures that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are always working toward a singular goal of promoting positive patient health outcomes.

End The Chaos. Reduce The Noise. Improve Patient Safety.
Video | Vocera Communications

Amid complexity and chaos, a trauma nurse misses a vital piece of information and a major mistake is set in motion.

6 Diseases That Could Benefit Most From MedTech In 2020
  Guest Column | By Kayla Matthews, Productivity Bytes

Despite major advancements, the medical community continues to treat many conditions with no effective cure or long-term treatments — like cancer and heart disease. For some diseases, this may change soon. Recent innovations, powered in part by initiatives like the FDA's Breakthrough Therapy designation, may lead to major benefits for some untreatable and difficult-to-treat conditions this year.

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