Newsletter | January 30, 2020

01.30.20 -- 5 Ways MedTech Can Prevent, Treat The Flu

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Leading The Healthcare Workforce With Data Science
  Guest Column | By Brian McKee, Infor Workplace Solutions, Healthcare

The proliferation of electronic health records (EHR) has brought much more than connectivity and continuity to patient data sharing. It also has provided a platform for clinical executives and front-line nursing managers to measure and support its most valuable resource — the caregiver. To deliver the most effective and efficient patient care, healthcare systems must rethink their engagement models for clinical resources and staff.

The Interoperability Impact: Resolute To Touch Millions Of Lives In 2020
  Guest Column | By Abhinav Shashank, Innovaccer

Achieving true interoperability across the care continuum has been a top priority for providers, payers, and other key stakeholders for more than a decade. The HITECH Act in 2009 saw providers move from paper-based records to EHRs. However, achieving 100 percent interoperability is still a feat healthcare must achieve to realize coordinated and patient-centric care. Here’s a brief history of interoperability and how much still needs to be achieved.

5 Ways MedTech Can Prevent, Treat The Flu
  Guest Column | By Kayla Matthews, Productivity Bytes

Despite the many advances of modern medicine, the flu remains a challenge for healthcare — causing sickness, hospital stays, and even death throughout the country every year. This year, there have already been as many as 18 million illnesses, 210,000 hospitalizations, and 17,000 deaths reported.

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