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05.16.19 -- 5 Services That Make Or Break Patient Satisfaction

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Taking Healthcare To The Cloud
Guest Column | By Patrick McCabe, Nuage Networks, Nokia

Existing legacy IT networks are limiting the transformational possibilities of today's digital technologies. The way forward lies in new software-defined networks (SDN and SD-WAN) that will provide an affordable, reliable, and secure platform for the next steps in the delivery of value-based healthcare.

How To Use Integrated Technologies To Solve Today’s Nursing Challenges
Article | By Rhonda Collins, Vocera Communications

Integrated technologies have already begun to impact the discipline of nursing. Nurse leaders are positioned to influence how technology is applied in the patient care environment, but many aren’t asking the critical questions that need to be asked or claiming their rightful seat at the table.

5 Services That Make Or Break Patient Satisfaction
Guest Column | By Jim Higgins, Solutionreach

Healthcare has recently seen a massive shift away from its traditional origins and toward more of a consumer-based, service-focused industry. As a result, today’s patient interactions are best viewed through the same lens of customer service as other industries.

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Real-Time Communications Improves Critical Communications, Patient Care At Children's Hospital
Case Study | Vocera Communications

Birmingham Children’s Hospital provides the widest range of health services for young patients in England’s West Midlands County and beyond. When the hospital expanded its PICU in 2010, it converted an adjacent ward located behind a double-door entryway. The increased space and physical separation made it harder for nurses and physicians to quickly locate colleagues with a visual scan of the unit.

  Healthcare IT & Analytics Summit 2019

July 10 to July 12, 2019 | Newport, RI

The Healthcare IT & Analytics Summit is a gathering for C-suite and industry thought leaders to discuss IT, data and analytics, and cybersecurity challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. We will examine such issues as patient care, controlling costs, improving reimbursements, securing patient and data privacy, and transforming data into actionable information to make smarter business and clinical decisions. Learn more.

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