Newsletter | June 13, 2019

06.13.19 -- 4 Ways To Soothe The Pain Points Of An Epic Installation

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For Better Outcomes, Add One Part Joy
Guest Column | Dr. Bridget Duffy, Vocera Communications

Despite the near-ubiquitous presence of patient-centered language in healthcare quality discourse, the full realization of human-centeredness remains elusive in many care settings. This must change.

Embrace The Power Of Data For Supply Chain Optimization
Guest Column | By Kishore Bala, Syft

Data is everywhere, and in healthcare, it comes from a huge number of sources. Turning this disparate data into useful information to optimize the delivery of healthcare services is the end goal, but while industries like retail and banking are effectively using Big Data to improve sales and operations, the healthcare industry lags.

4 Ways To Soothe The Pain Points Of An Epic Installation
Guest Column | By Mark Spinner, AccessOne

It’s no secret that an Epic installation can initially pose challenges for any organization, from decreased productivity in the months after go-live to billing issues, scheduling difficulties, and more. But the experience of one health system shows a well-thought-out strategy for maintaining patient financial engagement can support a seamless experience — and protect revenue.

In Case You Missed It
Healthcare Organizations Need To Get Serious About Managing Risk
Guest Column | By Manolito Jones, Lockpath

The healthcare industry is a high-pressure, life-impacting industry that can be made even more complicated by the growing number of regulatory requirements. Many of the most challenging mandates are focused on securing critical data and systems within the organization's infrastructure. If not secured properly, cyberthreats can be the outcome and are usually associated with insufficient controls, employee risks, and negligence.

The State Of Telehealth In 2019
Guest Column | By Perry Price, Revation Systems

To say that technology has had a strong influence on the healthcare industry in the last two decades is almost an understatement. Telehealth has developed considerably in the last few years, and its capabilities today look far different than they did 20 years ago — when it consisted of more basic communication functionalities, like SMS text or web chat.

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