Newsletter | April 11, 2019

04.11.19 -- 4 Ways To Improve The Patient Experience

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How Advanced Analytics And AI Are Transforming Healthcare
Guest Column | By Dr. Jeff R. Livingstone, Unisys Corporation

The customer experience is the key to succeeding in the future of medicine. Ultimately, those organizations that leverage AI and advanced analytics to their full potential will be best suited to deliver a seamless experience to their customers – by giving patients more control over their own healthcare.

Strengthening Patient Safety And Engagement Through System Standards
Article | By Kathy English, Vocera Communications

System standards for optimal communication in healthcare are essential to allowing human connection to flourish. And just what are they? They are policies, processes, guidelines, and even unwritten norms that govern how communication should take place in various situations.

4 Ways To Improve The Patient Experience
Guest Column | By Perry Price, Revation Systems

As digital transformation furthers the evolution of healthcare in our nation, technology continues to be the answer to providing better care and creating healthier patients. And as the effects of digital transformation seep into more facets of everyday life, patient expectations have begun to morph.

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Unlocking Data For Successful Outcomes
Guest Column | By Matt Blosl, DocuTAP

The most valuable commodity in healthcare is right under every single provider’s nose, but what’s interesting is that most may not have access or even know how to properly leverage it. This commodity is patient data, and the good news is, 2019 will be a pivotal year to unlocking more of its potential to optimize healthcare and drive revenue.


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