Guest Column | January 5, 2012

10-Point Checklist: Maximize The Life Of Your Mobile Cart Power System

Guest Column: 10 Criteria For Mobile Carts That Meet Nursing, IT, And C-Level Needs

By Matt Rossini, marketing and communications manager, JACO, Inc

For over a decade, health systems, long-term care facilities and rehabilitation centers have been deploying mobile carts with onboard power systems to realize benefits in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Bedside Medication Verification (BMV). The first power systems in most cases were very problematic with unreliable electronics and battery cells that were not robust enough to withstand a rigorous healthcare environment and inefficient computer hardware.

Today, power systems have numerous enhancements to assure nurses, IT professionals and administrators maximum runtimes and a long lifespan. This article offers a 10-point checklist to follow for properly managing your powered mobile cart fleet.

About the author: Matt Rossini is the Marketing and Communications Manager of JACO Inc, a designer and manufacturer of point of care mobile carts and wall stations for the healthcare industry.