Newsletter | April 29, 2014

04.29.14 -- CIOs: Don't Ignore BYOD

Health IT Outcomes
Physician Alignment Key To Effective Population Health Management
By Philip M. Oravetz, Ochsner Health System
By Philip M. Oravetz, Ochsner Health System Clearly, the focus of risk for managing population health is shifting for all of us, and the pace of this shift is accelerated by healthcare reform. As new regulatory and financial realities evolve, like our peers, we are re-aligning around new strategies to improve clinical performance and contain costs.
Featured Articles
JourneyCare Achieves HIPAA Compliance On Mobile Devices In The Field
By MaaS360 by Fiberlink
When nurses in the field began utilizing company-owned mobile devices to access patient data and complete point of care charting, JourneyCare recognized the need to increase security in order to maintain HIPAA compliance.
Bristol Hospital Takes No Risks With Sensitive Data
By Linoma Software | GoAnywhere MFT
Delivering the best possible experience for its patients is very important to Bristol Hospital. In addition to receiving excellent care, patients need to trust that the hospital is also protecting their health records and other sensitive data. GoAnywhere Director from Linoma Software has allowed Bristol Hospital to ensure that trust with strong data encryption, authentication, and audit trails.
Clinical Device Assessment Helps Hospital Move Closer To MU
By PC Connection, Your HealthConnection Partner
When Mee Memorial wanted to take advantage of federal funds to upgrade their digital systems and move towards meaningful use of electronic medical records, they turned to PC Connection — a company with the expertise and knowledge to help them meet their goals.
Hospital CIOs: Address — Don't Ignore — BYOD Pressures
By Jeanine Sterling, Frost & Sullivan
When it comes to optimizing their facilities’ communications infrastructure, policies and management, hospital CIOs are under enormous pressure to break out of some previously unassailable comfort zones. In particular, the ubiquity of wireless communications — coupled with a heightened level of physician assertiveness around mobile device and application preferences — directly challenges traditional CIO assumptions around design, security and control.
HITO Original
athenahealth Quits EHR Association
  By Christine Kern
Cloud-based service provider athenahealth announced it has resigned from the Electronic Health Records Association (EHRA), asserting that they never really belonged in the first place as they are neither an EHR company, nor a software vendor.
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Hearst Corporation Acquires CareInSync
Fitango Launches Patient Engagement And Adherence Solution For Providers And Payers
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Covisint Payer Strategy Covisint Payer Strategy
Payers today must continue to adopt the latest innovative technologies, integrate legacy systems and adapt to the challenges of the Affordable Care Act. Covisint simplifies and speeds deployment of new initiatives aimed at managing administrative and medical costs.
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Pro Show Appointment Reminder Pro Show Appointment Reminder
The 1Call Pro Show Appointment Reminder application helps you be proactive to help your patients remember their appointments. Pro Show saves time, saves money, and increases staff productivity by making sure patients are aware of upcoming appointments.
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A2iA DocumentReader: Advanced OCR, ICR, And IWR Technology A2iA DocumentReader: Advanced OCR, ICR, And IWR Technology
A2iA DocumentReader provides the opportunity for companies to automatically process all incoming mail, automate their workflow, and work with hard-to-handle, handwritten and unstructured documents. A2iA DocumentReader allows for the classification, keyword-spotting, and extraction of information from handwritten letters and loosely structured fields within forms.
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