OhioHealth Telemedicine Program Drives Better Outcomes
OhioHealth Telemedicine Program Drives Better Outcomes

Transporting patients by medevac helicopter can save lives when moments count, but it’s not always necessary. Telemedicine allows specialists to provide immediate and effective care for patients in remote locations who may otherwise have required an airlift.

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  • Is Big Data Fueling Breaches?
    Is Big Data Fueling Breaches?

    Data breaches continue to dominate healthcare headlines, leading one to wonder if the unprecedented growth of Big Data is to blame? Health Data Consortium CEO Chris Boone shares his thoughts on this subject and more.

HIMSS15 Provides Both Clarity & Confusion

Interoperability and Population Health Management were once again the hottest topics at the health IT industry’s largest conference. The event helped to clarify efforts in one of these areas while muddling the messages delivered in the other.

The Problem With Consumerism In Healthcare

Many industry leaders championed a free market approach to healthcare during the 12th Annual World Health Care Congress last week. Here are a few key reasons why I don’t think this model is “the fix” our industry so desperately needs.

Is Technology To Blame For Physician Burnout?

According to a recent Medscape survey, 46% of physicians say they are burned out. How much is the drive towards health IT adoption contributing to this epidemic?

The ONC’s Olive Branch

Just when the Meaningful Use program was on life support, the ONC makes two key announcements that seem to have healthcare leaders rallying around the program (and the organization) once again.

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  • How CDS Helps Standardize Quality Across A Care Network
    How CDS Helps Standardize Quality Across A Care Network

    Elevating overall quality in healthcare requires closing care gaps across all site-specific services. This undertaking requires IT’s key role of ensuring that information needed to close gaps is delivered uniformly at all points of care. With value­based models placing greater emphasis on care quality — ultimately determining a care network’s financial performance — IT is leading the charge in clinical decision support (CDS) systems.

  • FDA Software Validation: What You Need To Do To Validate Your Quality Computer Systems
    FDA Software Validation: What You Need To Do To Validate Your Quality Computer Systems

    The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements for validation of your manufacturing and quality system software can conjure up a lot of questions. Understanding the actual guidelines and best practices for meeting these requirements isn’t always clear and, as a result, your software may be compliant but you may not be. This article provides answers to the top five most common software validation and documentation questions asked by others in FDA-regulated industries and demonstrates best practices for meeting the guidelines. By Penny Goss, Technical Solutions

  • Big Data: The Right Prescription For Providers And Patients
    Big Data: The Right Prescription For Providers And Patients

    Big Data, aka the biggest challenge facing organizations everywhere, isn’t going away anytime soon. According to IBM, every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. To give you an idea of what that may look like, one terabyte alone is the equivalent of 4.5 million books — overwhelming to think about, especially for healthcare providers. From medical charts and prescriptions to financial and insurance information, patients generate a lot of data throughout their lifetimes. Some of that data is structured. However, even within sophisticated healthcare organizations, most of it — paper documents, ad hoc emails, data created through monitoring devices, for example — is not. As healthcare moves toward more of an evidence based model, data will play more of an instrumental role. Now more than ever, it’s important for healthcare providers to realize organizational success has less to do with how much data they gather and more to do with how data is utilized. By Andre Vandenberk, VP of Product Management and Lori Frampton, VP of Patient Flow Process Improvement & Data Analysis both of Medworxx, an Aptean Company

  • 3 Technologies That Integrate And Support Value-Based Transitions
    3 Technologies That Integrate And Support Value-Based Transitions

    A new category of tools is gaining traction as providers transition to value-based care in 2016. They integrate into existing platforms, prevent IT restructure, and make EMR and patient portal data easier to access and use in care delivery.

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  • Use Imaging Tools to Give EMR Apps X-Ray Vision

    As an electronic medical record (EMR) application developer, you face a number of complex issues, including interoperability, optimizing the user interface, maintaining data integrity, and ensuring data privacy and security.

  • 22 Organizations Gather At OnBase + Epic User Forum In San Diego

    This past week in San Diego, more than 22 healthcare providers and technology organizations attended the OnBase + Epic User Forum. There they learned about all the latest developments from industry-leading enterprise content management (ECM) and electronic medical record (EMR) companies. The Forum included sessions about the development roadmap and discussed best practices for addressing clinical, payer, back office and mobile needs across the enterprise.

  • The Best Benefits Of Working In Health IT

    You don’t have to be working in health IT to know that the field is booming. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so too, does its need for technical assistance. From programming and application development skills to security and big data expertise, healthcare employers are clamoring to hire professionals with these types of IT skills who also have an understanding of the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

  • Multi-Factor Identity Authentication: The Gatekeeper Of Digital Security

    Identify authentication is your digital gatekeeper.

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  • Elsevier

    Consistent, high-quality patient care requires evidence-based content incorporated into the care process. Elsevier integrates more than 100 years of world-class clinical knowledge into provider workflows, making it accessible to providers and their patients where and when they need it.

  • Sprint

    Sprint offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to the healthcare industry.

  • A2iA Corporation
    A2iA Corporation

    A2iA Corporation, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.


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  • Bridge The Gap between Fax And Direct Messaging In Healthcare

    Accelerate interoperability in healthcare with a first-to-market healthcare solution that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution by enabling healthcare organization to easily exchange Direct messages with no change to the user experience using their current RightFax-EMR integrations. 

  • Patient Engagement: The Complexity Behind The Buzzword
    Patient Engagement: The Complexity Behind The Buzzword

    Seatbelts are required by law in the manufacture of cars to be sold in the United States, and legislated to be worn by drivers and passengers in many states and locales. Yet seatbelts only improve safety if they are actually buckled.

  • A Sepsis Solution: Reducing Mortality By 50% Using Advanced Decision Support
    A Sepsis Solution: Reducing Mortality By 50% Using Advanced Decision Support

    Sepsis is the most common cause of death in hospital critical care units, each year claiming the lives of 258,000 patients nationwide. At $20 billion annually, it is also the most expensive condition treated in U.S. hospitals. Strong evidence correlates early diagnosis and goal-directed therapy to significant reductions in sepsis-related mortality. However, early identification and treatment remains elusive, emphasizing the need for intelligent, prompt and patient-specific clinical decision support (CDS) at the point of care.

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