Chronic Care Coordination And Management Just Got Easier
Chronic Care Coordination And Management Just Got Easier

Partnership integrates industry-leading guidelines with a care management application. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

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  • Dedicated Recording Devices More Efficient For Dictation And Clinical Workflows
    Dedicated Recording Devices More Efficient For Dictation And Clinical Workflows

    Four out of five physicians use smartphones for patient care-related activities. Considering the ubiquity of smartphones in our culture, that finding is not very surprising. What is concerning is physicians who dictate may be using a voice recording application on their smartphone to capture patient care notes, content for letters, and other sensitive data to be later transcribed.

  • Head To Head: EHR With Responsive Patient Portal Vs. An EHR-Integrated Custom Mobile App
    Head To Head: EHR With Responsive Patient Portal Vs. An EHR-Integrated Custom Mobile App

    When considering patient communication tools, patient portals are an obvious choice as they are proposed and incentivized by CMS. By Lola Koktysh, Healthcare Industry Analyst, ScienceSoft

  • The Quest For Personalized Medicine: What Healthcare Can Learn From Retail
    The Quest For Personalized Medicine: What Healthcare Can Learn From Retail

    When it comes to personalized service, hospitals, health systems, and labs can learn a lot from retail. For example, Amazon — which prides itself on its customer obsession — treats getting products to its customers like it’s a life or death mission. By Brad Bostic, founder and CEO, 

  • Best Practices For Preparing Your IT Network For Consolidation
    Best Practices For Preparing Your IT Network For Consolidation

    Acquisition and consolidation have become increasingly common across the healthcare industry as hospitals and health systems look to respond to the changing economics of healthcare reform, achieve scale, and capture market share — and many experts predict the pace of consolidation will only continue. By Bruce Brown, Healthcare Practice Leader, Juniper Networks

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  • A Data-Driven Approach To Better Care Visits

    The push to deliver greater value is prompting healthcare organizations to closely examine their clinical and financial processes in search of ways to boost efficiency, improve accuracy, and elevate the patient experience. With this in mind, First Care Clinic, a federally qualified health center and level 3 patient centered medical home located in rural Kansas, set out to retool one of its critical processes — the patient care visit.

  • Unspecified Codes: Know Your Financial Exposure

    On October 1, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wrapped up its one-year grace period for allowing the use of unspecified codes without consequence. The governing body also rolled out its first update to the coding system in four years, including a mammoth 6,000 new codes.

  • New MACRA Measures Sharpen Focus On Semantic Interoperability

    Healthcare’s interoperability quest continues to mature, moving the industry closer to semantic interoperability—the highest level of information exchange as defined by the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). ONC’s recent identification of two metrics to support specific indicators of “widespread interoperability” demonstrate this movement.

  • The Importance Of Standardized Healthcare Terminology

    In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of leveraging administrative data for better quality assessment. As the wrap-up to this standards blog series, I want to look back at Crossing the Quality Chasm as a foundational work for improving the quality of healthcare delivery. This paper called not only for better quality but also for a reduction in the cost of that care--this at a time when the population is aging, technology is evolving, and research is rapidly expanding evidenced-based medicine. At least eight of the 13 recommendations made by the authors of Crossing the Quality Chasm directly involve the collection, aggregation, and actionable use of healthcare data.

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  • Everbridge

    Everbridge provides a unified critical communication suite that helps clients be better prepared, make better decisions, and respond quickly and confidently during disruptive events. When an incident happens, whether it’s a natural disaster or an IT service outage, we automate communications to ensure that the right messages get to the right people at the right time.

  • Imprivata

    Imprivata is a leading provider of authentication, access management and secure communications solutions that improve provider productivity for better focus on patient care. Imprivata’s solutions enable fast, secure access to clinical applications, support more effective communication and care coordination and increase workflow efficiency.

  • Elsevier

    Consistent, high-quality patient care requires evidence-based content incorporated into the care process. Elsevier integrates more than 100 years of world-class clinical knowledge into provider workflows, making it accessible to providers and their patients where and when they need it.


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  • How To Manage The True Process Of Care

    Rapidly changing market dynamics have triggered a significant paradigm shift in healthcare organizations. Forward-thinking leaders embrace a dynamic process-of-care approach to improve patient experience and outcomes, replacing the more traditional point-of-care mindset.

  • 5 Risks Hospitals Face When Using The Public Cloud (And How To Overcome Them)

    Savvy healthcare organizations in need of greater IT infrastructure agility, performance, security, and compliance are exploring the benefits of public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The allure of on-demand cloud services combined with advances in cloud security have transformed the healthcare IT mindset from “Why move to the public cloud?” to “What should we move, how do we do it?”

  • 5 EMR/HIS Migration Secrets All Department Leaders Must Know

    Hear from Kathleen Kosztowny, an experienced project management consultant for EMR & HIS systems, as she shares the challenges one healthcare organization faced, the ‘decision tree’ which resulted, and how automation enabled a successful EMR/HIS migration.

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