CFO, CXO Summit To Take Place In May And October
CFO, CXO Summit To Take Place In May And October

marcus evans recently announced the upcoming CFO and CXO summits featuring topics and workshops directed at senior healthcare executives. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

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  • Is Big Data Fueling Breaches?
    Is Big Data Fueling Breaches?

    Data breaches continue to dominate healthcare headlines, leading one to wonder if the unprecedented growth of Big Data is to blame? Health Data Consortium CEO Chris Boone shares his thoughts on this subject and more.

The Problem With Consumerism In Healthcare

Many industry leaders championed a free market approach to healthcare during the 12th Annual World Health Care Congress last week. Here are a few key reasons why I don’t think this model is “the fix” our industry so desperately needs.

Is Technology To Blame For Physician Burnout?

According to a recent Medscape survey, 46% of physicians say they are burned out. How much is the drive towards health IT adoption contributing to this epidemic?

The ONC’s Olive Branch

Just when the Meaningful Use program was on life support, the ONC makes two key announcements that seem to have healthcare leaders rallying around the program (and the organization) once again.

The Future Of Healthcare Depends On Price Transparency

A new Harris Poll suggests cost fears keep many people from visiting the doctor even if they are insured. This telling data is yet another illustration of the need for price transparency in healthcare.

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  • Navigating The Patient Engagement Equation
    Navigating The Patient Engagement Equation

    There’s a new sense of urgency in the healthcare community when it comes to expanding patient engagement, and for good reason. Evidence continues to quantify the strong link between more involved patients and improved outcomes. In addition, expanded patient engagement is essential to a provider’s financial viability under a pay-for-performance model.

  • Living With Big Data: A 360° View Of Patients
    Living With Big Data: A 360° View Of Patients

    The digital revolution in healthcare is well under way. As physicians have been more apt to use electronic medical records (EMRs) and pharma companies and medical researchers are now using electronic databases to hold and protect their data, healthcare holds and manages some of the most complex and contextually rich data sets of any industry. However, using that data to its fullest capacity to make intelligent clinical decisions at the point of care continues to be a pain point facing hospitals and health systems.

  • How Population Health Will Help Providers Get Compensated For Successful Outcomes
    How Population Health Will Help Providers Get Compensated For Successful Outcomes

    Population health, population health management, interoperability — these things mean different things to different people. But no matter how you define them, the desired effect is to drive better outcomes, both for the patient and the provider.

  • Chart Reviews In The Age Of EHRs
    Chart Reviews In The Age Of EHRs

    Anyone who contracts with health insurance companies knows chart reviews are part of the process with an insurance company chart reviewer coming to the practice every so many months to review practice charts and collect data. I suspect it is to make sure we are staying compliant with their billing requirements.

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  • Home Health And Mobility – Meeting Provider Needs

    There are a number of issues and trends impacting the healthcare industry that should be of particular note for home health providers as the push to provide better care to more individuals continues.

  • Mobile Printer Advances Increase Value For Home Healthcare

    No question, mobile devices have transformed home health care delivery.  Highly portable laptops, tablets and smartphones make it simple and convenient for nurses, therapists and other clinicians to document vital data, access patient records and check drug interactions – right in patient homes. 

  • Better Patient Care Through Technology: Mobile Printers Streamline Team-Based Home Care Nursing

    Fueled by aging Baby Boomers, the need for coordinated, team-based patient care is spilling beyond hospital walls into the quickly expanding realm of home health and hospice care.

  • Enhance Patient Safety With Better Barcoding

    Hospitals seeking to conquer the stubbornly persistent problem of patient safety can start by expanding the adoption of barcoding technology into all areas of the hospital, from the patient room to the lab to the pharmacy. Although barcoding outcomes to date may have fallen short of expectations, it’s important to recognize that both the technology and utilization are maturing, providing the opportunity to make great strides toward improved safety and quality of care at a fraction of the time and cost investment required for an enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) implementation.

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  • Elsevier

    Consistent, high-quality patient care requires evidence-based content incorporated into the care process. Elsevier integrates more than 100 years of world-class clinical knowledge into provider workflows, making it accessible to providers and their patients where and when they need it.

  • A2iA Corporation
    A2iA Corporation

    A2iA Corporation, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.

  • Solutionreach Inc.
    Solutionreach Inc.

    Solutionreach is a cloud-based platform built upon patient engagement technology, designed to help healthcare professionals eliminate the communication gaps that occur between their practice and their patients. The tools and services included with the platform focus on maintaining engaged relationships with each patient, all throughout the continuum of care.


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  • Leveraging Patient Engagement To Improve The Health Of Your Hospital

    Many if not most healthcare executives and traditional care providers view “Patient Engagement” as ambiguous in terms of measureable clinical value and actual financial ROI. Thus, financial and human resources are allocated to Patient Engagement projects only with significant hesitancy (if at all).

  • Improving Clinical Workflows And Increasing Quality Of Care Through Secure Communications

    When providing patient care, every minute counts. As clinical mobility continues to increase, the efficient communication and collaboration among physicians, nurses, and other providers is critical to the delivery of quality patient care. In this environment, healthcare organizations must find a way to balance the clinical need for better, faster communication with safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI).

  • Bridge The Gap between Fax And Direct Messaging In Healthcare

    Accelerate interoperability in healthcare with a first-to-market healthcare solution that combines fax and Direct messaging in a single solution by enabling healthcare organization to easily exchange Direct messages with no change to the user experience using their current RightFax-EMR integrations. 

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