Problems Continue To Plague Scope Manufacturers As Execs Plead The Fifth In Court
Problems Continue To Plague Scope Manufacturers As Execs Plead The Fifth In Court

Japanese senior executives refuse to answer questions about internal correspondence. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

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  • Application Retirement Matters For Patient Care
    Application Retirement Matters For Patient Care

    Healthcare organizations face enormous challenges. From enhancing clinician productivity and lowering IT costs to coordinating care and improving patient outcomes, many are transitioning to a next-generation EHR. This is an important step forward but it is not enough.

  • Providing Accessible Medication Amid The Data Chaos
    Providing Accessible Medication Amid The Data Chaos

    With the creation of the 340B Drug Discount Program in 1992, the U.S government produced a new kind of marketplace, one designed to provide prescription medication to eligible healthcare organizations and their qualifying patients at significantly reduced prices. By Dave Brunswick, vice president of solution, Cleo

  • The Rise Of Telemedicine In Treating Addictions
    The Rise Of Telemedicine In Treating Addictions

    ​Lack of healthcare access to low-income residents in both rural and urban areas present a significant challenge in chronic disease treatment such as substance addiction. By Kumar Venkatesiah

  • What Physicians Need To Know For 2017
    What Physicians Need To Know For 2017

    These are exciting times for healthcare, with many forces at work shaping a new and hopefully better future for patients and physicians. By Dr. Robert Wah, Global Chief Medical Officer, CSC

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  • Surgical Services Firm Speeds Search And Retrieval Of Vital Documents With KnowledgeLake

    AMSURG has a large presence nationwide. It has more than 250 ASCs in 34 states and provides physician services in 24 states, employing more than 2,800 physicians and other healthcare professionals. This vast network of healthcare facilities and practitioners generates an immense amount of financial documentation, particularly at the end of each month. The methods that the company used in the past for backing up its accounting documents were outdated and inefficient.

  • 3 Tips For Healthcare CIOs: Read Gartner’s Market Guide

    Clinical communication and collaboration platforms can improve care quality, care team effectiveness and the patient experience. Healthcare provider CIOs and clinical leadership should use this guide to see where this market is heading and identify vendor exemplars.

  • Data Security In Healthcare – Defending Against Threats

    With the continuous state of change in the global data security threat landscape, organizations face cyber attacks and security breaches that grow in frequency and sophistication every day. As a result, healthcare organizations today spend a significant amount of money on security tools, including firewalls and anti-malware services. Those solutions, however, offer little protection against a phishing attack, which tricks an authorized user into downloading malicious software or compromising credentials.

  • Why You Need To Leverage IoT In Healthcare

    Despite the healthcare industry experiencing steady growth year over year, many HHIT (Healthcare & Healthcare IT) providers are beginning to see the cracks in their traditional business models. This infographic outlines the various ways HHIT organizations can embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) through smart, connected to products to capture new revenue streams, including optimized customer processes, and improved business outcomes.

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  • Connection

    Connection has been trusted for more than 35 years to connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation. As a National Solutions Provider, our team includes experts who specialize in customized services and solutions for the healthcare market.

  • Caradigm

    Caradigm is a population health company dedicated to helping organizations improve care, reduce costs and manage risk. Caradigm analytics solutions provide insight into patients, populations and performance, enabling healthcare organizations to understand their clinical and financial risk and identify the actions needed to address it. Caradigm population health solutions enable teams to deliver the appropriate care to patients through effective coordination and patient engagement, helping to improve outcomes and financial results.

  • A2iA Corporation
    A2iA Corporation

    A2iA Corporation, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, is a worldwide leading developer of natural handwriting recognition, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies and products for the payment, mail, document and forms processing markets.


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  • How To Manage The True Process Of Care

    Rapidly changing market dynamics have triggered a significant paradigm shift in healthcare organizations. Forward-thinking leaders embrace a dynamic process-of-care approach to improve patient experience and outcomes, replacing the more traditional point-of-care mindset.

  • 5 Risks Hospitals Face When Using The Public Cloud (And How To Overcome Them)

    Savvy healthcare organizations in need of greater IT infrastructure agility, performance, security, and compliance are exploring the benefits of public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The allure of on-demand cloud services combined with advances in cloud security have transformed the healthcare IT mindset from “Why move to the public cloud?” to “What should we move, how do we do it?”

  • 5 EMR/HIS Migration Secrets All Department Leaders Must Know

    Hear from Kathleen Kosztowny, an experienced project management consultant for EMR & HIS systems, as she shares the challenges one healthcare organization faced, the ‘decision tree’ which resulted, and how automation enabled a successful EMR/HIS migration.

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